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Best-in-class CNC technology.

Goose Manufacturing utilizes sophisticated CNC machine tools and quality control equipment. This allows us to implement lean manufacturing techniques and minimizes non-value add activities. What does this mean for YOU, the customer? A rapid turnaround without any sacrifice in quality.

Mazak FH 4800

  • High Speed Horizontal Machine Center
    • Production Capable
  • Multiple Work Surface Applications
  • 3-D Profiling capabilities

Excel PMC 10T24

  • Vertical Machine Center
    • Prototype/Production Capable

Excel PMC 5T18

  • Vertical Machine Center
    • Prototype/Production Capable

Haas ST-10

  • Turning Center Y-axis

Haas ST-30

  • Dual Spindle Y-Axis Machining Center

Nakamura SC-150

  • Live Tooling 3-Axis CNC Lathe


  • Manual Mill
    • Prototype
    • Fixturing

Mitutoyo BRB507

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
    • Quality Control

Gage Master GMX

  • Optical Comparator
    • Quality Control Optical Inspection