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What We Specialize In Leading innovation, management, customer service and more!

  • Production

    Utilizing the latest in CNC technology, combined with our experience and expertise, in doing this we can give you the highest quality parts you deserve. Working efficiently not to rush your product and taking the time necessary to create a quality product you deserve.

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  • Customer Service

    Our number one priority is taking care of you. With over 20 years in the machining industry, we have the tools and resources necessary to meet your needs and be there to guide you through your project.

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  • Leading Innovation

    The facilities we have are top of the line and innovative in every sense. By using only the latest CNC technology, we are able to create the fantastic parts you want us to create – consistently and efficiently.

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  • Management

    We have a rapid turnaround without any sacrifice in quality due to our utilization of time, materials, and technology. Being able to manage these key three elements is our opportunity to you in delivering what you need most – a best-in-class product and experience.

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  • Industry Focus

    Servicing the Silicon Valley for over two decades has given Goose Manufacturing Inc. the ability to create products for a wide array of industries. Industries including defense, aerospace, and even medial.

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  • Materials

    Here at Goose Manufacturing Inc., we have the experience and know-how to work with multitudes of materials. From simplistic shapes to complex designs, we produce the finest quality components that are guaranteed to exceed expectations.

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Goose Manufacturing Incorporated Success is achieved when preparation meets opportunity.